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SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Services Offered at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

At South Calgary Dental & Orthodontics, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of dental services designed to cater to the needs of every member of your family. From general dental services and orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, to teeth whitening, wisdom teeth extraction, children's dentistry, and emergency dental care, our skilled team is dedicated to providing personalized care. We also specialize in sedation dentistry, dental crowns, fillings, and dental hygiene services, ensuring comprehensive care under one roof.

Location of SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located in Legacy, just off 210 Avenue, making it easily accessible for residents of Legacy, Chaparral, Heritage Pointe, Artesia, DeWinton, and surrounding areas. The central location ensures that you can reach us easily for your dental appointments, whether for routine check-ups or emergency situations.

Contact Information for SE Calgary Dental Clinic

To schedule an appointment or inquire more about our services, feel free to contact us at (587) 352-3100. Our team is ready to assist you with your dental care needs and answer any questions you may have.

Dental Professionals at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Leading our team is the experienced Dr. Angela Sharma, along with a dedicated team of dental professionals. Each member of our team is committed to creating a welcoming and comforting environment for every patient, ensuring a pleasant experience from the moment you step into our clinic.

Reviews and Testimonials for SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Our commitment to exceptional dental care is reflected in the positive feedback from our patients. We are honored by the reviews and testimonials shared by our satisfied patients, highlighting our dedication to patient comfort and satisfaction.

Appointment Scheduling at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Understanding the busy schedules of our patients, we offer extended evening and weekend hours to make dental care accessible to all. To schedule your appointment, simply contact our clinic at the provided number, and our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient time.

Specialties or Focus Areas of SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Our focus is on providing comprehensive dental care that addresses a wide range of needs. Specialties include family dentistry, sedation dentistry, orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, and more. We also emphasize restorative (cosmetic) dentistry to help enhance your smile and confidence.

Insurance Accepted at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

We offer direct billing below the latest Dental Fee Guide, ensuring transparent and affordable pricing. Our clinic accepts a wide range of insurance plans, and our staff is here to assist you with any billing questions or concerns.

Dental Procedures Available at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

From dental implants and root canal therapy to restorative (cosmetic) dentistry and dentures, our clinic is equipped to handle a variety of dental procedures. Our aim is to provide effective solutions that promote long-term oral health.

Technology and Equipment Used at SE Calgary Dental Clinic

At South Calgary Dental & Orthodontics, we utilize modern dental technology to enhance the treatment experience and outcomes for our patients. This includes advanced imaging and diagnostic tools that aid in precise treatment planning and execution.

At South Calgary Dental & Orthodontics, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care in a friendly and compassionate environment. Visit us in Legacy for a personalized and professional dental experience that prioritizes your well-being and dental health.

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